The smart SAFETY watch

In an emergency you can instantly call your guardians, send them your location, sound an alarm, and record the situation with just a 2-second grasp of the watch face

The smart PAYMENT watch

Pre-paid, transit, or even credit/debit cards can be integrated in the watch to make journeys and payments as easy as a flash of your wrist

The smart FITNESS watch

Set fitness goals and monitor your progress - step counter, calorie burn, game-based fitness and much more make staying fit a breeze

Things you can do in a Qliq

From sending your location to a loved one, through getting notifications, through finding your lost phone, through taking remote selfies, through to telling the time, Qliq is much more than just a smart safety, payments, and fitness watch. See the video below, or read what it does, or how it works, to see what you can do in a Qliq.

SOS alerts






Find phone