For those times when you're happy to know you're not alone.
Qliq, the fashionable smart safety watch that's there for you whatever the situation.

With a simple, discreet, 2-second grasp of the watch face, Qliq automatically sounds a loud alarm (a 5-second press activates alert functions without sounding an alarm), calls your emergency contacts, sends them your GPS location, starts an audio recording of the situation, and takes a picture of the surroundings.

But it's also so much more than just a safety device

be healthy

COMPREHENSIVE FITNESS FUNCTIONS. Hitting your activity goals is a breeze with Qliq. Set goals in the free app, and monitor progress on your wrist on demand. Measure your step count, see how high you've climbed, measure percentage completed against time, complete hand exercise tasks and play brain-training exercise activities without needing to wear a dedicated fitness band. And whenever you wish to see daily, weekly, or monthly stats simply open the free Qliq app.


pay easily

CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS. Pay for your metro, bus or taxi ride, or even your coffee or your groceries with a simple swipe of your watch. Easier than paying with a card or phone and completely secure, Qliq makes NFC contactless payments totally effortless

*not available in all countries/venues. Please check the packaging in your locale or the details in the online shop before purchase.


know where

“I'M HERE”. Let someone know you’ve arrived safely, or that you’re on your way, or just inform them where to find you, all by sending them a text message of your GPS location in a simple 1-second touch of your watch face. Keep loved-ones worry-free and keep your whereabouts known.


know what

NEVER MISS IMPORTANT NOTIFICATIONS. Qliq will let you know when you receive calls and SMS messages with a gentle vibration and a subtle LED light (you can configure the settings in the free app if you don’t want to be buzzed at any time of course). Your watch face will also tell you when you’re recording audio and when yourpre-set alerts fall due (alerts set in the app).


be heard

AUDIO RECORDING. Qliq can record audio directly to your phone with just a 2 second press. Ideal for capturing the good times, or the bad times, a university lecture, an important conversation, or even to use as proof of an event or situation.


find it

FIND YOUR PHONE THE EASY WAY. A 2-second press and Qliq will play a loud tune on your phone, making it whole lot easier to find. No more digging around bags or under the sofa.


take it

REMOTE ‘SELFIES’. Need a bit more artistic merit to your selfies? No problem. Just set up your smartphone camera wherever you want, strike that pose, and a press of Qliq is all you need to get the picture.

keep it

The Moment Capture a picture, a recording, and the GPS location with just a 2-second press of the watch. Ideal for capturing the good times, or even the not so good times.

Qliq is:

In the package:


Qliq uses a standard 18mm watch strap that can be changed to match your location, activity or mood!


Qliq comes as a wrist watch, a keychain, a necklace or a bracelet

1 x Qliq
1 x micro usb charging cable
1 year warranty
Free Android or iOS app